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IN Harry Levy Gardens, Las Vegas, NV

2 Baths
3 Beds
1600 Area
1car Garages
3 Baths
3 Beds
1900 Area
2car Garages
4 Baths
4 Beds
3000 Area
3car Garages
3 Baths
4 Beds
2000 Area
2car Garages
4 Baths
4 Beds
2200 Area
2car Garages
1 Baths
2 Beds
33 Area
1 Garages
Custom homes give the homeowner total control over the quality and function of his new residence. These custom homes are unique; they are designed especially for the piece of land on which you want to build. Those desiring a custom home frequently purchase a piece of custom land on which they plan to build, and then they employ an architect or a professional home designer to design a home that is customized to meet personal specifications. Because of their originality, custom housing require you to make many choices, and large amounts of time will be spent exploring products and visiting stores that sell these products. The custom home builder may use plans developed by an architect or by a professional home designer. Custom property affords customers the opportunity to regulate layout, lot size, and accessibility. In most cases, custom home builders build on land the custom home buyer already owns. Some developers sell fully serviced lots particularly for the construction of custom homes. This makes it easy to construct custom condos since the lots are construction-ready and builders can concentrate purely on the design of the homes. Choosing a new custom property is one of the biggest and most personal decisions any individual or family can make. And for some, a custom home is the solution to their dream. Inexperienced buyers may shy away from constructing custom townhomes due to the hassles and costs of such an undertaking. Today, however, there are options of custom housing for sale that skirt some of the drawbacks of managing the build oneself. Building custom condos gives you the independence to build the home you want, where you want, on the land you want. More buyers are adopting custom housing opportunities for a variety of reasons. People want out of crowded city areas. At the same time, they want a home with character and options for designing exactly what they want. Fortunately, choices for building a custom home exist today that give buyers the best of both worlds: the flexibility, independence and options of a custom townhome in a setting that works more like buying a home in a master-planned community. Through a custom builder, purchasers can choose from a wide selection of floor plans to develop a signature home matching their wants, needs and dreams. Individuals considering custom real estate should select the appropriate contractor. Key factors to contemplate are the builder’s reputation, the services the builder provides, their ability to educate and offer support and their ability to deliver the buyer’s vision. The benefits of building custom condos include less traffic, more privacy, and more room for freedom and flexibility. Opting for a custom home is really about lifestyle.  Constructing on larger parcels gives homeowners the option to make modifications to their home to fit their needs in the future. Custom home property owners were able to include space to accommodate elderly parents and others managed to do truly special additions. Personalization also allows custom housing owners to more affordably pursue other elements such as options for solar power and private wells.


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