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IN Estero Golf Resort, Fort Myers, FL

4 Baths
4 Beds
3000 Area
3car Garages
4 Baths
4 Beds
2200 Area
2car Garages
3 Baths
4 Beds
2000 Area
2car Garages
3 Baths
3 Beds
1900 Area
2car Garages
2 Baths
3 Beds
1600 Area
1car Garages
4 Baths
5 Beds
3400 Area
3car Garages
Even though log housing structures originated in Scandinavia, Russia, and Eastern Europe, they are nowadays icons of world-wide architecture. Today, log homes for sale come in all styles and sizes, from the humble unheated weekend log property to sprawling state-of-the-art log real estate. Long widespread as country weekend homes, these old-fashioned beauties are increasingly being built as primary residences. In the United States alone, 26,000 log homes are constructed each year, according to the Log Homes Council. Hindsight is 20/20, they say. Anybody who's ever built a log home can testify to that. There is always something that could have been completed differently to make the home a better place to live, no matter how pleasant it is. Before breaking ground on your own log home project, pay attention to the advice of experts who have seen homeowners make all types of design and construction blunders while building their dream homes. Heed what they have to say and you just may be happier with your own outcomes. Typically a prospective homeowner contacts a log-home manufacturer or packager, which helps to design a floor plan (or customize a stock one), then provides the logs and various other parts as a package. It is essential then to hire a local contractor to build the house on-site. Building styles and varieties of logs vary based on the area of the country, but since many companies ship internationally, countless choices are available. About 90 percent of manufacturers use milled logs, whereas the rest still handcraft them. Consider a company's trademark style and choose one that creates a look you're drawn to (and has a quality reputation).
Getting the Log housing Look
Besides protecting your home's inside from fading, a stain can offer a splash of colour. Choose a golden stain to use throughout the house, or pick sheer-colored stains to individualize specific rooms. Hanging pictures and other items on log walls is a snap—even with circular logs, pictures will hang straight. And if you relocate your art frequently, there's no need to cover up nail holes since they blend in
Benefits of Log properties:
  • Structural reliability. To this day we see old log homesteads still standing unchanged in the wilderness.
  • Visually pleasing. Log homes are nature at its best. You'll feel at peace with nature in your log homes.
  • Forever in fashion. Log homes today continue over 400 years of heritage in look & style.
  • Eco friendly. There is much less use of preassembled products in log homes as compared to traditional homes.
  • Natural insulation. Air cells in the wood fibre offer one of the best forms of insulation from either heat or cold. Log homes are very cool in summer and very cosy in winter.
  • Low upkeep. A home built with treated logs will offer you weather-proofing unparalleled by any other natural material. Log homes retain their elegance through all seasons, which leaves you lots of time to enjoy living in your log housing.
  • Log homes also have and will always have an excellent reselling value!


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