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FEATURED New Construction Homes

IN Chandler Ranch, Chandler, AZ

3 Baths
3 Beds
1900 Area
2car Garages
3 Baths
4 Beds
2000 Area
2car Garages
4 Baths
4 Beds
2200 Area
2car Garages
4 Baths
4 Beds
3000 Area
3car Garages
4 Baths
5 Beds
3400 Area
3car Garages
2 Baths
3 Beds
1600 Area
1car Garages
Three Types of Home Builders in Chandler Ranch, Chandler

There are three main types of home builders in Chandler Ranch, Chandler today. Of course, there is the "custom home builder", then the "production builder", and last but not least the "small, hands in the sand builder". However, there are variants and hybrids within the three mentioned groups. The key for the potential customer is to determine which one is the most ideal match for their budget, time, building style and demands.

Custom Built New Homes in Chandler Ranch, Chandler

Custom home builders generally work out of higher end offices with a staff that can manage the building process. They are inclined to be excellent at what they do, but their operating expense and knowledge come at a higher price. A new home in Chandler Ranch, Chandler is commonly sketched by an architect who devotes a lot of time interviewing the buyer, drawing rough drafts, and making modifications prior to developing with a definitive draft. Usually, a certified designer will play role in the decision-making process regarding colors and finishes. The client generally obtains the development mortgage and purchases the lot. The building processes are often very long and call for a lot of emphasis on the builder's part to ensure high quality and coordination. To have the best success, homebuyers must be patient and willing to devote the time and money to the process but are rewarded by getting exactly what they want.

Production Home Builders

The Production Home Builders in Chandler Ranch, Chandler and the surrounding areas have an excellent reputation and offer a wide variety of floor plans that meet the needs and price ranges of the majority of home buyers in the area. Building codes and inspections in Travis, Williamson and Hays County assure the homebuyer that the home is well built as these inspections take place at various stage of approval and construction. Each home is engineered on its lot and the construction is supervised by the builder and inspected by an independent inspector. New technology and material make these new homes not only attractive but very energy efficient to operate. Each builder has a design staff that works with the homebuyer to personalize their home with the finishes they select at their design centers. These homes are generally more affordable than the custom home because the builder can take advantage of volume discounts in materials and design work. Highland Homes, David Weekley Homes, Ryland, Lennar, DR Horton, Standard Pacific and Scott Felder Homes are just a few of the more well-known production builders in the Chandler Ranch, Chandler area.

Small, Hands in the sand Home Builder

The small, hands in the sand builder may be an emerging builder on the way to becoming a production builder or may have worked for a production builder and now prefers a smaller operation. The vast majority are accomplished builders who prefer to build as little as 3 or 4 houses a year. They are not interested in operating a huge organizations, but rather just aim to attain a good living doing something they are excellent at and love doing.  Prices will generally run higher than production homes but these builders may offer more customization and more personal attention.


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