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FEATURED Victorian Homes

IN McDougall-Hunt, Detroit, MI

3 Baths
4 Beds
2000 Area
2car Garages
3 Baths
3 Beds
1900 Area
2car Garages
4 Baths
4 Beds
2200 Area
2car Garages
4 Baths
4 Beds
3000 Area
3car Garages
2 Baths
3 Beds
1600 Area
1car Garages
4 Baths
5 Beds
3400 Area
3car Garages
When you think of Victorian homes for sale, you might imagine a Queen Anne home, complete with sophisticated trim painted in a contrasting color plus stained-glass windows. Victorian homes were built to amaze, and they are still outstanding today. The following attributes are typically found in a Victorian real estate:
Narrow and Tall Victorian Houses
Most Victorian properties for sale are narrow, which permitted these impressive beauties to be built on a tiny amount of land. They were often close to other Victorian homes, commonly near the centre of town. What such houses lack in width they make up for in height; a typical Victorian condo is three stories tall and resting on a full-size basement, you will find that however some neighbourhoods, still have several Victorian townhouses built very tight together on small lots.
Towers and Turrets of Victorian property
These one of a kind rooms could be studies, bedrooms or libraries. They provide Victorian housing with a castle feel and recall the Gothic mansions that inspired reasonably early Victorian designs. Because these houses were many times three or even four stories tall, these types of turrets can be quite impressive.
Because the Victorian homes were built to amaze, intricate or grand entrances were usually built. These stairways typically lead to wrap-around front porches adorned by turned wood or wrought iron railings. These were one of the most impressive parts of Victorian housing
Decorative Trim of Victorian townhouses
Even though the trim was mass-produced, there were many different styles and designs. Everything from Italianate egg-and-dart moulding to carved Gothic Revival fascia can be discovered on a Victorian home. It's not at all unusual to find Queen Anne, Gothic and Italianate components all on the same house, as the goal was to create something exclusive and uncommon. In accordance with Victorian design rules, the trim should be painted a noticeably different colour than the siding for emphasis. In most instances, three to five assorted colours of paint were used: one for the house, and the rest for the trim. Many of the Victorian houses have maintained their exterior great beauty and appeal, while updating the interior with modern day floor plans and comforts.  Often a variety of small rooms are turned into a larger great room or even bigger kitchen space, and smaller bedrooms are often put together to create a master suite, which is pretty much always in demand by today's buyers.
Bay Windows of Victorian homes
Large windows, often times filled with stained glass or topped using stained glass panels, are a typical feature in Victorian homes for sale. These bays can sometimes be walk-out versions or have a built-in bench.
Asymmetrical Victorian House Design
Victorian period architects loved the obstacle of varied roof lines and asymmetrical designs. The houses were created to be individual and unique. Even if the fundamental design of a group of houses is the same, you can expect to find distinctive window styles and architectural details that provide each house with its own personality.


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